Sunday, 14 November 2010

4 Ways of Increasing Your Profits Using Images

By Barrett Phillips

Images not only can create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for users, but they can also (and more importantly) help you gain credibility, and ultimately sales if done correctly. Here are some great ways to increase your credibility:

1. Self Portraits/Customer photos

Having a photo of yourself on your sales page will help your customers feel more at home, and that they're dealing with a real person, and not just a machine. This increases your credibility in the viewer's eye because it adds a personal touch, and you will see your sales increase when you employ such methods. A great place to place a self portrait is in an 'about me' section of your site or newsletter. If you don't have a section like this, you should consider creating one because this, just like the image will increase your credibility and your conversion rate.

Another way of using pictures to increase your conversion rate is by using customer photos. You should place these on customer testimonials, and when people view them, they will see that this is a real customer that is satisfied with your product, and they will carry much more weight this way. Testimonials alone are a great way to increase conversions, so don't hesitate to make them even more effective by adding customer photos. The only problem here is acquiring the photos themselves, since many people do not have a self portrait, but that shouldn't stop you from asking your customers for them, and maybe even offer them discounts for some incentive! The choice is yours.

2. Product Packaging

Product packaging images - this means, regardless of what you're selling, be it tangible or intangible, to offer images of your product. If you're selling an ebook, create an ebook cover. If you're selling an actual book, show a photo of it. What this does is explain to the viewer of your site that your product is 'real' and that they're really getting something when they're spending their money. It's been proven that simply showing an ebook cover on a sales page can increase conversion rates by over 50%! You can't afford to miss out on something so simple that will increase your sales this much, so make it a point to have some product packaging!

3. Physical Evidence of Product's Success

This can mean an infinite number of things depending on what you're selling, but in a nutshell, try to include a photo of something that lets your site's visitors know that the product you're selling actually works. Some examples: If you're selling a book on internet marketing, show a picture of a check you've received while using the techniques explained in your book. If you're selling a book on bodybuilding, show before and after pictures of someone who has practiced the methods explained in the book. These kinds of things will drastically increase the viewer's excitement in your product and will get them itching to whip out their credit cards!

4. Soothing, Pleasant Graphics

You want your site's look to be welcoming just like a big soft sofa, so your viewers are visually relaxed and not constantly being annoyed. Things to avoid are animated icons and bright/flashy/uncomplimentary colors as these are very unprofessional, leading your visitors to believe your product may also be unprofessional. Plus, these things may turn away some visitors altogether, so do your best to avoid them. Train yourself to use softer colors, softer gradients, softer backgrounds, etc. And you (and your visitors) will reap the benefits.

If you practice some or all of these methods you will see great improvements in your conversion rates, so don't take them lightly. People will read interesting copy, but nothing builds credibility like a bit of positive imagery. Hope you've learned something!

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